The Material

Pure titanium ranks as one of the ten most common elements in the earth’s crust. Difficult to extract, the mineral must be exposed to various chemical processes. Only in this time-consuming fashion does it become a precious metal. After further processing — such as strictly controlled thermo-mechanical treatment and refinement — high-quality TITANFLEX eyewear with memory effect is created.


TITANFLEX material combinations are much more flexible than conventional spring steel. The correct adjustment pressure for your head shape is not generated by bending the hinges, but much more accurately instead via the material itself. In this way, even after getting bent out of shape, your glasses return to their original form.


TITANFLEX eyewear is ready for maximum performance. You’ll come to appreciate this if you simply leave your glasses in your jacket pocket, or accidentally sit on them.


Due to their use of titanium, TITANFLEX eyewear is up to a third lighter than conventional frames.