At the highest level, TITANFLEX combines wearing comfort with toughness, a low weight with modern design, and quality with understatement – a first choice for spectacle wearers with high expectations.

TITANFLEX eyewear delivers exceptional comfort, which others can only promise!

The original.
Unrivalled since 1988.

In 1988, TITANFLEX revolutionised the eyewear market. To this day, our frames and sunglasses rank among the very best on the market. Their innovative combination of materials is much more flexible than conventional spring steel and up to one third lighter.

Engineering skill, with history

Many people use TITANFLEX as a generic term for all memory titanium eyewear. The original is only created through special finishing processes. Eschenbach invented eyewear which uses this innovative metal and, thanks to German engineering expertise, Eschenbach remains to this day the market leader in terms of memory titanium.


Space flight, shipbuilding, medical technology: memory-titanium alloys have long been in use in the research field. Shape-memory alloys are constantly offering new possibilities for revolutionary future technologies.

Not every memory titanium is automatically TITANFLEX.

Strictly controlled thermo-mechanical treatment and finishing: only through engineering and design expertise is high-quality memory titanium eyewear that bears the name TITANFLEX created.

Built with experience. Designed with style. Made by hand.

TITANFLEX customers value superior wearing comfort, durability and quality. Because the memory effect means that the frame will spring back to its original shape even after being bent. Time and time again.