I wear Performance. The eyewear for men.


TITANflex Eyewear - TITANflex-brillen für Männer


Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler Formula-E Team

Full throttle with Daniel Abt

The Formula E racing driver gets started with TITANflex

TITANflex is the team and technical partner of the ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport Team. Collaboration between both technology teams is perfect. So Formula E racing driver Daniel Abt is the force behind new collections thanks to his speed, temperament and passion - and inspires the TITANflex engineers to reach new peak performance in design and wearing comfort. Just right for winners.

New: the TITANflex Daniel Abt sunglasses collection.
With curved arms reminiscent of a sports car’s silhouette.
With fine rims in accent colours or matt/glossy effects.
With standard TF HighContrast lenses.

The Technology

  • Light
  • Robust
  • Flexible
  • Attractive
  • Perfect fit

Whether it’s frames or sunglasses - the glasses racks from TITANflex capture the imagination with outstanding wearing properties. These are further perfected at the optician’s thanks to different technical fit options.


The highest wearing comfort comes about if you can barely feel the glasses. Therefore, TITANflex glasses are up to a third lighter than conventional frames.


Whether it’s for leisure or business, spectacles or sunglasses - glasses must resist a lot on a daily basis. TITANflex glasses are particularly robust and ready for peak performance.


TITANflex material combinations are ten times more flexible than standard metal. The glasses rebound into their original shape after being deformed. And not just once, but again and again.


Thanks to intelligent material combinations - for example with HD-acetate, ultimo, carbon or aluminium - glasses models are created that combine aesthetics with the greatest everyday functionality.

Perfect fit

Perfect fit thanks to innovative technologies such as easy temple shortening and Eschenbach adjustment support from their opticians.

The Eyewear

TITANflex Sun – For sunny hours

Wear Performance. The Eyewear for Men.

TITANflex Sun
Crush - The flexible glasses made of robust titanium

Wear Flexibility. The Eyewear for Men.

TITANflex Crush
Classic meets advancement - TITANflex Urban

Wear Style. The Eyewear for Men.

TITANflex Urban
TITANflex Pure – Clear shapes made of sturdy titanium

Wear Precision. The Eyewear for Men.

TITANflex Pure
TITANflex Lightstyle - So leicht war Titan noch nie

Wear Comfort. The Eyewear for Men.

TITANflex Lightstyle
TITANflex Selection - Das beste aus flexiblem Titan

Wear Perfection. The Eyewear for Men.

TITANflex Selection

The Sunglasses

  • TF HighContrast

  • TF HighContrast

  • TF HighContrast

  • TF XtraPolarized

  • TF XtraPolarized


in cooperation with

r + h brillenglas.de
  • TF AntiScratch
  • TF EasyClean
  • TF AntiReflect
  • TF HighContrast
  • TF Xtra Polarized
  • TF Prescription eyewear

TF lens *. The perfect protection from UV rays. With unique properties. Inside and out.

TF AntiScratch

Your TF lens is optimally protected from everyday scratches on the inside and out.

TF EasyClean

Water and dirt drip off on the inside of the TF lens.

TF AntiReflect

Without reflections on the inside of the TF lens, more light reaches the eye - your sight gets brighter.

TF HighContrast

The stronger the contrast, the better - especially when driving or doing winter sports.

TF XtraPolarized

Reduces glare and reflections and improves sharpness of vision and depth perception.

TF Prescription eyewear

All lenses are available with the same characteristics for individual sharpness of vision.

* 2nd generation TF lenses, from the August 2016 collection, with TF engraving on the lens

The Original

The Original since 1988


Flexible glasses for men by TITANflex Eyewear

Formula E racing driver and brand ambassador Daniel Abt is the inspiration for his own sunglasses collection.


Flexible glasses for men by TITANflex Eyewear

The innovative material HD-acetate enables exciting design possibilities. Six new models capture the imagination with a reduced urban look.


Flexible glasses for men by TITANflex Eyewear

Formula E racing driver Daniel Abt is the new brand ambassador for TITANflex. In a speech, he explains why it matters in motor racing.

Start of the technology and design cooperation with ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport Team.

Flexible glasses for men by TITANflex Eyewear

TITANflex is the team and technical partner for the ABT Schaufler Audi Sport Team. Opinions on the collaboration are available here.


First sunglasses collection with the high-quality TF lens.


TITANflex-Brille für Männer mit Anspruch

Actor Benno Fürmann becomes a brand ambassador for TITANflex.


Integration of Crush into the TITANflex umbrella brand and creation of five product segments - all glasses for men.


TITANflex wins the two most renowned design prizes:
iF-Award, RedDot-Award.

Premiere of the performance design technology: first-class processing, unlimited wearing comfort, perfect fit and unique design excellence.


Crush – the new brand for sporty men.


oio – flexible glasses for children with TITANflex technology.


Milestone: the innovative combination of TITANflex with pure titanium. Selection becomes the outstanding premium collection on the market.


The first TITANflex sunglasses made of memory metal.


The first TITANflex eyewear model: the flexible 3332 glasses sell over 160,000 pairs up to 1998.


Premiere: not only Titan glasses - but TITANflex glasses revolutionise the market.

The Original Eyewear – since 1988

Daniel Abt

Pure Adrenaline –
An Interview with Daniel Abt.

You have a great motor racing name and come from a family with a long tradition in motor racing. You are currently a driver for the Audi Sport ABT Formula E Team. What is the appeal of motor racing for you? It is the whole package – the adrenaline and the extreme experience. If you have experienced this feeling once, you are infected by it. I came into contact with motor racing at an early age, of course, and grew up with it. But no one said to me: you must now drive a car. You just love it if you know it better.

The spectators can feel the fascination when you drive your laps. How do you prepare for a race? Motor racing is much harder work, more intensive and more demanding than many people perhaps imagine. For this reason I do a lot of endurance sport and strength training to keep fit. Ultimately, however, the head is the most important thing for concentration. Every driver has his own preparation techniques here. Therefore, I do not want to give any more away.

You have your own pit crew. Engineers ensure that your car delivers top levels of performance. A team spirit must be very important in all this. Do you also regard the fans as part of your team? Your social media explosion on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on YouTube is impressive at any rate. The fans provide motor racing with its lifeblood. And we drivers want to entertain people. This includes the fans knowing what kind of people we are. I would like to show people how important it is to me that they support me and cheer me on during a race. Incidentally, I maintain my social media channels myself. The fans would notice if other people did it for me.

TITANflex recently became the new team and technical partner of the Audi Sport ABT Formula E Team. As far as their requirements for technology are concerned, ABT and TITANflex are on the same wavelength. Both brands stand for high performance. What does the partnership mean to you? A lot. As a driver and team, you rely on good partners. That is how the sport works. The team from TITANflex shares the same values and thinks in a similar way to us. And I am, therefore, looking forward to the collaboration.

You are starting the collaboration as the brand ambassador for TITANflex sunglasses and have even tested special sunglasses for helmet wearers. What were your experiences? I was fascinated by how pleasant the sunglasses were to wear – even under a helmet. Light, comfortable – exactly how sunglasses should be.

Between training, preparation and races, is there enough time left for yourself? How do you relax in your race-free time? As a racing driver, you do not have a normal everyday life. There are very stressful periods in which you are always on the move. And there are periods in which life is much quieter. I enjoy this variety – and I can always find enough time for myself and my private life.

The new Formula E season is going to begin soon. What are your goals for this season? Our goal is, of course, to win both championships – i.e. driver and team. But it is still too early for predictions. For example, we are going to bring completely newly developed engines to the starting grid. I will give my best at any rate.

Then we wish you luck and are looking forward to the collaboration with you.

Benno Fürmann Portrait

Showing character

Benno, you worked as a waiter, doorman and scaffolder before studying acting at the renowned Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York. Was acting your primary goal? Yes it was, since my youth. Before that, I wanted to become a journalist. The stage in our school auditorium became an interesting catalyst for my juvenile emotional turmoil. And that has remained the same to this day.

You wear glasses as well as contacts. What is important to you with respect to glasses? Just like clothes, glasses have a very clear task. It is fun, if they fulfil this task with style. In addition to this, glasses must be able to fall to the ground without breaking; they have to be durable to a certain extent and they have to be comfortable to wear.

Has your view of the world changed since you became the father of a daughter? Since then I have made more children’s films. And my home is more important to me. Coming home has a deeper meaning and on bad days I know why I am doing all this nonsense.

You have recently been to Lampedusa with Amnesty International. In addition to this, you show strong commitment to social projects. What drives you? Many people are suffering badly; there is a war in many countries, many people are on the run – we haven’t seen such numbers in this situation since World War II. This is about humanitarian aid but also about welcoming refugees – people who can no longer live in their home country. Who should find protection and who have a right to retain their dignity. Due to the EU policy of turning refugees away, these people can often only come to us illegally. These people are stigmatized. We should become accustomed to talking about the protection of refugees and not so much about protection from refugees. I am also concerned about our environment and the gap between rich and poor.

You will soon be involved in designing glasses. What can we look forward to? To well-designed and stylish spectacle frames without any frills. I’m very much looking forward to this project.

We’re really expectant. Thank you for this interview.


A brand by Eschenbach Optik

Eschenbach Optik, founded in 1913, is the market leader for glasses frames in Germany and one of the leading providers in Europe. In addition, the innovative Nuremberg company is the world market leader in the field of visual aids. With their TITANflex, Eschenbach Optik revolutionised the glasses market for men in 1988 – and has since permitted the unique combination of perfect wearing comfort and absolute design freedom.

The numerous international design awards bestowed on them are also evidence of this. Eschenbach employs over 550 employees worldwide, and has subsidiaries in 12 countries. Many renowned brands trust in the competence from Germany when producing their high-quality glasses and sunglasses.